İngilizce Hikayeler | İngilizce Kısa Hikayeler

İngilizce Hikayeler: Çocuklarınızın yada sizin İngilizcenizi geliştirmek için İngilizce hikayeleri okumakla veya çocuklarınıza okutmakla ile başlayabilirsiniz.

Elephant And Ant


Elephant-and-ant This is the story of an elephant and an ant! Once, in a forest, there lived an elephant. He was very proud of his big size! He always troubled …


Princess Rose & the Golden Bird


Rose-Princess-and-Golden-Bird Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away there lived a beautiful princess. Her Beauty was unique because she had long red hair and she loved roses. …


The Little Mermaid


The-Little-Mermaid Once upon a time in the heart of the deep blue sea there was a beautiful kingdom of the sea king who lived with his six daughters and his …


Salty Sea


Salty-Sea Once upon a time, there lived two brothers in a village. The elder brother was very rich! But the younger brother was very poor. One would spend lavishly on …


Tiger and Buffaloes


Tiger-and-Buffaloes Once upon a time, deep in the forest, there lived four buffaloes. They always stayed together. Such was their unity, that all the other animals were always afraid of …


The Ugly Duckling


theugly-duckling-story It  was a bright summer afternoon. Mother Duck found a lovely spot under a tree  by the pond tto lay her egs. She daid five eggs. Suddenly she noticed …


The Tortoise and The Eagle


The-Tortoise-and-The-Eagle Once upon a time, deep in the jungle, there was a pond. It was home to a tortoise, whose only dream was to be able to fly! All the …


The Elves and the Shoemaker


The-Elves-and-the-Shoemaker Once upon a time, there lived a shoemaker and his wife. The shoemaker used to earn his daily bread by making new shoes and selling them in the market. …


Cinderella Story

Kul-kedisi-masali Once there lived a rich man whose wife was sick, and when she felt her end drawing near, She called her only daughter Cinderella to come close to her bead. Dear …


Town Musicians of Bremen


Musicians-of-Bremen Once upon a time there lived a man who owned a donkey. The owner wasn’t happy with the donkey as it was growing old and he was becoming unfit …


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