İngilizce Hikayeler

İngilizce Hikayeler: Çocuklarınızın yada sizin İngilizcenizi geliştirmek için İngilizce kısa hikayeleri okumakla veya çocuklarınıza okutmakla ile başlayabilirsiniz.

The Crane And The Crab

The Crane And The Crab

The Crane And The Crab Once upon a time, there lived a crane by the side of a pond. He used to catch the fish from the same pond. Every …


The Selfish Giant


The-Selfish-Giant Once upon a time, there was a castle standing in the midst of a city, which was empty for many years. No one stayed there. People say, a giant …


The Foolish Barber


The-Foolish-Barber This story is of a city called Patliputra. There once lived a Merchant named Manibhadra. Along with his wife, Gayatri. They were very rich. They had a lot of …


The King Of The Golden Mountain


The-King-Of-The-Golden-Mountain Once there was a rich Merchant, he decided to load all his wealth into his two ships to other lands to make more wealth, but alas they drowned, leaving …


The Lazy Brahmin


The-Lazy-Brahmin Once upon a time, there was a Brahmin in a village. He lived there with his wife and his two kids. The Brahmin lived his life in a very …


Elephant And Ant


Elephant-and-ant This is the story of an elephant and an ant! Once, in a forest, there lived an elephant. He was very proud of his big size! He always troubled …


Princess Rose & the Golden Bird


Rose-Princess-and-Golden-Bird Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away there lived a beautiful princess. Her Beauty was unique because she had long red hair and she loved roses. …


The Little Mermaid


The-Little-Mermaid Once upon a time in the heart of the deep blue sea there was a beautiful kingdom of the sea king who lived with his six daughters and his …


Salty Sea


Salty-Sea Once upon a time, there lived two brothers in a village. The elder brother was very rich! But the younger brother was very poor. One would spend lavishly on …


Tiger and Buffaloes


Tiger-and-Buffaloes Once upon a time, deep in the forest, there lived four buffaloes. They always stayed together. Such was their unity, that all the other animals were always afraid of …


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