King Grisly Beard


A long time ago, was a Kingdom ruled by a great King, he had a gorgeous daughter whom he was looking to get married, however the princess although very beautiful had a lot of pride and bad attitude. The King had faith that once she gets married, she will mend her ways. However, the princess was not serious and ended up misbehaving with all the Princes who came to court her.

-My dear friends, Noble Kings and princes now my daughter will meet you.

-This one is short. Too fat, he’s round as a tub. Too tall, what a maypole? Too short, what a dumpling.

The princess had a joke to make on every King, prince, Duke, Earl and count alike, her father the noble king was angry but silent until she insulted a certain good king with a beard.

-Look at him, his beard is like an old mop, he shall be called The Grisly Beard. Hahahaha.

-How dare you? How dare you insult all these fine noblemen, I am now declaring, you will be married off to the first person who enters this door, may he be a Prince or a Beggar.

Soon, in two days, the King would have his wish fulfilled, as a Fiddler, came under his garden, started playing a flute and started to beg, this caught the King’s attention, he ordered the guards to get the fiddler in, and as per his order, he called for the princess to be married to the fiddler. The fiddler was shocked but happy, the princess however, cried and protested but the King did not listen and made sure the wedding is complete, he even strictly ordered the new couple.

-Now get ready to go, you shall not stay here, you need to travel with your husband.

And thus the Fiddler and his newly wed wife leave the palace into the world unknown. They travel long and hard, after a few days they reach a beautiful forest.

-Whom does this beautiful forest belong to.

-It Belongs to the great King Grisly Beard.

-Oh what a fool I am.

They continue their journey and reach a great meadows.

-Whom does this beautiful meadows belong to.

-It Belongs to the great King Grisly Beard.

-Oh what a fool I am.

Then they reach the great city.

-Whom does this beautiful city belong to.

-It Belongs to the great King Grisly Beard.

-Oh what a fool I am. I should have not turned him down.

-Why do you keep saying that, am I not a good enough husband for you?

The princess goes quite, the fiddler then gets them to the edge of the town to a lonely cottage. The princess is aghast.

-Oh my lord, this is so small, where are your servants.

-Servants, my dear.. you and I have to do everything on our own, there are no servants.

They find limited food in the cottage which gets over quickly. The princess struggles to cook as she is not used to it, the fiddler helps her. The Fiddler cuts some willows from the woods and asks the princess to weave some baskets, she tries but her fingers get cut, the Fiddler moans in anger.

-You cannot cook, you cannot weave baskets, what bargain have I got, you are good for nothing. Let me find something for you. So the poor fiddler, arranged some pots and pans, and made a shop at the street for his wife to sell, because of her Beauty, many people started buying her pots and they would buy more and more pots for a few days, until one day she sets up shop on the edge of the street and a drunk soldier, comes trotting along and destroys all the pots and pans. The princess is heartbroken and cries.

-Oh what will become of me, what will my husband say.

She runs home and tells her husband.

-How stupid you must be to set up shop where Everyone passes by. So you cannot do this work as well. I have visited the palace and asked if they want a kitchen maid, and they have said they will take you, you will now work as a Kitchen maid.

Thus the princess was working in the kitchen doing all the dirty work, she has to clean the floor, the chimneys, the ovens, the pots, pans and the utensils. At the end of each day she gets to carry some meat to home. This went on for a few days, when she learns that the kings elder Son’s marriage has been announced. She sees the excitement in Everyone,  but remains quite in her sadness. They day of the wedding comes, preparations are on full swing,  and she goes to the window to see the crowd and mutters.

-Only if I did not have my pride, I could have taken the King grisly beards hand. What have I done.

-Did I hear my name.

-Oh Dear King, my apologies. It hurts me for you to see me like this.

-Oh worry not, I’m not alone, come with me.

She is taken to the ceremonial hall, where all the nobles, including her father are present, all laugh at her seeing her condition. She feels very pained due to this.

-I am sorry for being so rude to all of you, I have learned my lesson.

-Worry not dear Princess, I am the fiddler who married you and lived with you for all these days, I am the soldier who destroyed all your pots and pans. And I did all of this so that you may realize that “Pride is a great evil and the worst quality to have in your heart.” You have learnt that lesson and your pride is gone. Come my queen take my hand and be my wife.

They got married at the same time and they lived happily ever after.

- Mustafa Yakut

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