Town Musicians of Bremen


Once upon a time there lived a man who owned a donkey. The owner wasn’t happy with the donkey as it was growing old and he was becoming unfit for work.

-Such a useless animal. You can never lift enough load nor can you walk properly.

-Sir! My capacity to lift is 4 sacks, but you are loading me with 8 sacks. What you expect out of me? I am trying to do my best!

-One, you don’t work properly and two, you raise your voice against me. Tomorrow i will sell you off to the market and buy a new one. Get lost!

Later that afternoon the donkey was all alone in the barn talking to himself about his fate.

-What an ungrateful owner I have. I have been loyal and I do all the hard work. Now he wants to sell me in the market!  I don’t know what will happen to me there.

Just then a mail arrives. He was pleasantly surprised to see that the letter had his name written on it. The donkey out of curiosity opens the letter.

-Wow! I knew one day I would get an opportunity to showcase my real talent. I am the best singer in the town. My grandfather was right, I am born to be a STAR! I am going to leave for Bremen right away. But… What will I do alone? I need a band! Hmm, I must find some great talent!

The donkey packed some food and set down the road to Bremen without wasting any time. He was passing a house where he over heard someone shouting really loudly.

-You fit for nothing, today you really disappointed me. All my friends were laughing at me just because of you.

-Sir! I tried my best.

-No you did not!! Just accept the fact that you have grown old and cannot do anything better. I just feel like killing you. Not even a single catch today. It has never happened this way in years!

The dog owner started to beat the dog. The dog ran for his life as he came out of the house. He saw his owner shutting the door behind him.

-Look like you had a rough day huh!

-Yeah. Some days are bad. I am sure tomorrow will be better.

-That’s right. You should always be positive. Check this out. I’m going to Bremen. You should join me. I think this will change you life forever.

-Wow. I’ve been looking for that opportunity. I can play drums.

-That’s great. You can join my band.

“Sure” said the dog and joined the donkey. Both started their journey to Bremen. They had only walked a short distance when they heard a huge cry.

-What will I do now? Where will I go now?

The donkey and the dog couldn’t resist and went straight to the cat.

-What happened little one? Why are you crying?

-What is bothering you? Is there something we can help you with?

-There was a time, when I was rewarded Everyday! You know Everyday but now…

-What happened now?

-There was a time when I was the Apple of my masters eye… but now..

-What happened now?

-My owner wants me to die in a river!

-Why so?

-There were hundreds of Rats. I used to catch all of them. You know all of them. But the last few years. You know rats have grown smarter. I’d go left and they’d go right. Me to the right, them to the left. Me up and them down. The last few months you know, i have not caught a single rat! Not even a baby.

-And that’s not because of your age isn’t it?

-Of course not. My claws are a bit weak. But i am super strong you see.

-For sure. So what are you going to do now?

-I don’t know.

-Hey, check this out. I think this will change your life forever.

The cat thought about it for a long time.

-But i am afraid of this dog.

-Don’t worry he won’t harm you. You are my responsibility.

-I trust you.

All three rejoice and started walking towards Bremen. Suddenly they hear a voive.

-Do you hear something?

-Yeah… someone singing.

-Over there. That rooster is the one singing. I wish he could be part of our band.

All three walked towards the rooster. They wanted to propose to the rooster to join their band and travel with them to Bremen.

-When you know it’s the last day. You better sing or say!

-Hey buddy. You sing so well. Would you ..

-I wish to hear those words from my owner. But alas, I’ll be made into hot soup before that happens. It’s my last wish to sing as much as possible before my very last breath. These songs.

-Check this out.  I think this will change your life forever.

-Seriously! You think I can do something?

-Why not? Just us and you shall be our lead singer. What do you say guys?


-Great. I am ready. Let’s go.

With all in agreement the happy group marched towards Bremen singing together.

-We are marching to Bremen. We are musicians of Bremen.

All four walked quite a few miles. But it was turning dark and they were getting scared seeing no life around them and strange sounds haunting every now and then. Soon they see some light shining and decided to move towards it.

-I am pretty sure it must be some one’s house. We can spend our night there and start our journey again tomorrow morning.

-This darkness is so scary. We had better get there soon.

They finally arrived at the house and started to look around. Donkey being the tallest of all went straight to the window and started to peep in.

-Do you see some food for us?

-What do you see my friend?

-Is it safe in there? What is taking you so long?

Donkey after looking around the room explained.

-Wow! What a place it is. A table full of delicious food and drinks. Lots of Money. Lots of jewels, precious Stones. What a scene it is.

-Is there a way, we can share a little meal of theirs. I am feeling very hungry.

-We are going to be musicians of Bremen. I am sure they will invite us in with open hands.

-How will they know that we are the great musicians? Should we not sing a song?

-That is a great idea. Let us all sing our best song and they will immediately call us in.

So donkey moved into position and stood next to be the window. On top of him stood the dog. On top of the Dog hopped the cat and on top of the cat flew and sat the rooster. Once donkey gace a signal. All four of them to the best of their abilities started singing!! Donkey brayed, dog barked, cat meowed, rooster did cock-a-doodle do.

-We are marching to Bremen. We are musicians of Bremen.

They sang so loud that the glass of the window shattered.

-That must be a ghost. I told you this place is haunted. Run run run…

All three Robbers quickly fled away in great fright from the place. Seeing this as an opportunity the donkey, the dog, the cat and the rooster went inside the house. They had one gala time having the food. They couldn’t believe their eyes that finally their luck transformed from nowhere to a cottage with lots of food supply and Money to spend.

-Now let us turn the lights off and catch some good sleep. Tomorrow morning, we again need to continue our journey towards Bremen.

-Do we really need to go away from this place? There is so much food and Money. We need not to do anything for years together. Just a throught you see..

-I too think the same.

-I echo it as well.

-We will think about it. Now let us sleep for a while. It has been a long day.

Donkey slept on the heap of straw. Dog behind the door, cat upon the hearth next to fire and rooster on the top of the roof. The robbers were not very far-off. They turned back to see that the lights were now put off. They thought that the ghost might have left the house.

-Guy! You go and check if the ghost is gone or not.

-Why me? I think we should send some one else. Someone who is stronger than me.

-what a coward you are. I definitely would have checked it myself. But you see my ankle is sprained. Now you go or else you are out of this gang forever.

-Ok ok. I will go and check.

The robber, hesitatingly walked towards the cottage. As soon as he reached near the cottage, he took out his knife and slowly opened the door. Guy mistook the shining eyes of the cat to be fire.

-Ahh that must be fire. Let me burn this candle.

Cat out of fear flew towards the robber and stratched his face. Guy, the robber did not understand what happened and rushed towards the door. Dog behind the door out of fright bit the robber’s leg.

-Oh my god! The ghost is stil there.

In a gaffe while he was running towards his gang he got a huge kick from the donkey, which confirmed to Guy that the Ghost was actually there. Rooster did a loud cock-a-doodle-doo towards the end.

-Master.. master.. the ghost is stil not gone. It is very much there. It stratched me with his hands. Bit me on my leg and gave a hard kick. It laughed as well strangely towards the end.

-Let us run away from this place then, it might be looking for the other gang members as well. Run run run.

So the robbers left the place never to come back. And the four animals decided to setle down in the cottage for a while, as there was enough food and Money to last a long time. They purchased instruments and a wagon for their trip. They practiced Everyday until one day Donkey thought now they are absolutely perfect to perform and it was time to move on.

-Guys its time that we go to Bremen and exhibit our real talent today. What do you guys say?


They all loaded their musical instruments in the new wagon and headed straight to Bremen. What a sight it was! All four looked like great musicians. They went straight to the venue and started to play some of their favorite originals with confidence. From all around gathered to hear people their music. Audience clapped and cheered the band with lots of love. They won the show and became rich and famous. All their dreams had come true. They toured around the world for performances. They all lived happily everafter.

- Mustafa Yakut

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