The Tortoise and The Eagle


Once upon a time, deep in the jungle, there was a pond. It was home to a tortoise, whose only dream was to be able to fly! All the time he would think of a way to fulfill his dream! It was a beautiful jungle with so many different birds flying in the sky. They kept flying and only came down when they were thirsty. The tortoise would longingly look at them  wanting and dreaming to fly!

-Oh! Look how beautiful they are! How happy they must be watching the whole world from up there! They are so close to clouds, they can play with them anytime they want! I wish I could fly…

The tortoise grew more and more restless! He desperately wanted to be up there. With each passing day, his dream to fly grew bigger and bigger. Then once, he had an idea! He hurried to the Vulture and tell him about his plan. The Vulture was sitting nearby on a tree…

-Vulture! My friend!

-Hello, Tortoise! Good to see you here! Tell me, what made you leave your pond today?

-My friend! You are the strongest one in the entire jungle! You can fly up in the sky above them all!

-You are right! But I wonder why you are being so sweet to me! And why do you talk about flying! Tortoise cannot fly! What do you want from me?

-Well… I do have a wish. And only you can help me fulfill it!

-I see! Alright, tell me what do you wish for and I will try my best to fulfill it!

-I wish to fly, up in the sky! And watch the whole world below me…

-But how is that possible? We need wings to fly and if you haven’t noticed, you don’t have them!

-That’s why I need you! You carry me up there in your claws and after a while, let me go! Then I will be able to fly and see the whole world!

-But that can be very dangerous for you!

-Don’t worry. Nothing will happen to me. Would you do as I say? Please?

-Alright. As you wish!

To fulfill his wish, the Vulture picked up the Tortoise in his claws and flew away. He went up and up in the sky! Finally, the Tortoise’s wish to fly came true!

-Look at that! How beautiful the world is! I can almost touch these clouds! Just a while longer and then you can open your claws! And I will fly just like you do!

-Listen to me! You are a Tortoise. You cannot fly! This isn’t right!

-You worry too much! Just open your claws and see me fly! I will be fine. You will see for yourself!

The Vulture tried to explain, but the Tortoise wouldn’t listen. Finally, the Vulture flew up and opened his claws. As expected, the Tortoise began to fall!

-Wow! I can fly to! This is the best day of my life! Hahaha… Oh no! I am not flying! I am falling! Help! Vulture! Help me! Catch me before I fall down!

The tortoise was up there because of the Vulture! But with no wings, how could he fly! He fell on the ground with a loud thud…

-Ahh! Oh! I am dying in pain! What have I done! I am so stupid! The Vulture tried to warn but I didn’t listen to him! I am lucky to have this dome on my back! Without it, this could have been the last day of my life!

The tortoise understood his mistake. He realized that he was different and that he should be happy with what he had! He went back to his pond and lived happily ever after.

-So, you saw how the Tortoise paid for his mistake!

-But does this mean we must not have dreams?

-Of course you must! You can have as many dreams as you want! But always choose the dream you want to follow! And choose wisely! We must not compare ourselves and try to follow what others do! We all are different, and that makes us very special! We should be happy with what we have!

- Mustafa Yakut

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