Once upon a time there was a small town called hamelin. This town rested on the banks of a river in germany It was a calm and pleasant town. But about fifty years ago, the people made hamelin dirty and unclean. Thet started to throw garbage on the roads, outside their house and everywhere they went. Even the mayor of the city ingored the stuation. As an outcome , the city was filled with rats.
The people of hamelin were suffering from diseases spread by rats. The rats were everywhere in the city. They used to bite babies in the cradle, eat chese in the vessels, end open the crates of salted sparts. They used to make their nest inside the shoes and hats. They were even in meeting rooms, spoiling the conversations with their squeaking and shrieking. All the citizens rushed  to mayer mayor’s palace and asked for help. Get rid of rats… The mayor heart the shouting of the mob and came out. What’s the matter? We want you take action against the rats as soon as possible. Or we will dismiss your corporation. We will condduct a meeting to find a solution. give us some time. The people were conviced by the mayor’s words. The mayor arranged a meeting with the council. Even after long discussions and hourly debates, they  couldn’t  find a solution to the problem. Suddenly there came a knocking on the door. come in. A man entered the room. The strangest man anyone had ever seen. He was wearing a peculiar long coat having half  part red and half part yellow. He was skiynny and tall. His fingers were wiggling impatiently as if to be playing on a pipe. Have you ran away from the circus? the entire hall started laughing(hahahahaha….)people call me * the pied pieper * I have a secret charm to summon all creatures on the earth. Any creature who creep, swim fly, run or walk. I use charm on creatures who are harmful like moles, toad, newts, wipers and ratsss!!! rats!!! you can summon  rats? but how do we believe you? I freed people of the african town from a huge swarms of gnats. In as asian town I rescued people from wampire bats. I roam around  the world to rescue from creatures. Ok show us your charm and free us from these rats. Shooohhh.. Definitely sir, but for that, will you give me a thousand guilders? Yes of course. Anything  you want. what do you say council members? The council approved mayor’s decision. You may start the work now. The pied piper  stepped out on the streed and smiled. He pulled out is pipe quietly. He started to play there shrill notes on the pipe. Like magic, all the rats came tumbling out  of houses, out from the shoes and hats, leaving the  food they were gnawing. Grey rats, white rats, brown rats… All came on the street running. They all started to follow the piper. Step by step they marched through the town until they come to the river. The people of hamelin were enjoying the sight with their mouth and  eyes wide open. (haaaahaaa…..hooooo…) The piper on the stone in the water and stood on it playing the pipe. Rats blindly feel into the river and drowned. On after the other, they were jumping into the water unknowingly. Soon there were no rats on the bank. Hamelin was freed from rats. (Hurayyy….No more rats…hurayy…) Pier piped went to the mayor for his reward I have done my job. It’s time foryou to keep your promise. give me the price. You did a wonderful job but a thousand guildes for a task for couple of hours is not worth it. It’s a big amount  of money to pay in a day. You are breaking  your promise. I will pay you a hundred guilders whic is more than enough for a day’s work. This is not right.
I will show you what I can do. A stupid pied piper like you can’t harm a single brick in this town. Take this money or leave the town. The pied piper  left the hall. He came on the streed and pulled  out his pipe again. He put it on his mouth and started playing but this time the tune was different . One by one, the children turned their head and starated to walk towards the piper. (ahhhahhh…..woow…)
The piper started walking and the children followed him. Their parents and guardians  were stunned with the tune and couldn’t more from their places. (hrmmmmm….arhhh…) The piper’s tune made them numb. The pied piper walked across the river bridge and marched towards the mountain.  As he reached to a mountain side a mysterious portal opened in the mountain.The piper went inside ant the children followed him. The door shut tight behind them. The only one left outside the portal was a lame boy who couldn’t reach before it got closed. As the tune stopped, the people ran towards the mountain. They found only one child near the mountain so they asked about the other children. They all went into a portal  and the portal got shut before I could reach. But why you al were following him? Thad tone promised us to lead to a wonderland where all chocolates, cookies and cakes grew on trees. It even told me that I can run on my feet everywhere. But the music  stopped suddenly and Ifound myself in front of this mountain. The people felt sad and started crying for their children but is was of no use. (ohhh my child……)They called  the mayor and blamed him for everything. I have  lost my child too. I’m sorry for everything I have done. I have brought  you one  thousand guilders. Wherever  you are pied piper. To their suprise, the pied piper  came out walking  from behind the mountain. Everyone was relieved after seeing him. Ohh we are glad you came back. Where are our kids ? They all are safe and happy. They will come back once you fulfil your promise. The mayor gave him one thousand  guilders and immediately the portal appeared in the mountain. Children came out running  and hugged their parents. (mother….father….mummy…..dady…granny..) Pied piper, I thank you on behalf of this whole town. Thank you for rescuing us  from the rats and giving back our children. I will never break a promise in the future. You all will lose your children and rats will also come back. What? Why? Your city is so unclean. This attracts  wermin like rats and insects. They will spread diseases in your town and soon your kids will be sick. This will cause to lose them. I the mayor of this city, takerepsonsibiliyt to keep the city clean. We will throw garbage in the dustbins only and do everything we can to keep our city free of rats and diseases. (Yesss….hmmmm) It’s time for me to say good bye. The pied piper left the town and hamelin became a clean town  as it was fifty years ago…


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